"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.– Bernard Shaw


AUGUST, 2018

Grape Vines
TITLE: Holly Happiness, Original watercolor by Woody Hansnen, 15" x 24"

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Ever want to try your hand at watercolor? Can't draw a straight line; no problem. Feel a need for motivation? Want to grow your skills? No lproblem. Seeking ways to reach the next level? Want to develop a simple, but powerful wayto express yourself? The answer begins Wednesday, Aug. 29... CLICK HERE

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Beyond the basics, you will learn or refresh ways to...

• Overcome artist's block, unlock your creativity.
• Solve conventional problems in an unconventional way.
• Learn how to defeat a need to draw straight lines.
• Substitute personal creativity for inflexible technical skills.
• Effectively use the fundamental skills of the professionals.
• Demystify the effective use of compositional tools.
• Use tried and true concepts upon which to build a strong artistic future.
• Become more sensitive to the power of design principles.
• Have fun. Meet people who share and support your interest in watercolor..

So, now is the perfect time to get on the path to personal artistic success. Your opportunity begins Aug. 29... CLICK HERE!




Watercolor by Woody HansenTITLE: Forest Fun, Original watercolor by Woody Hansnen, 15" x 24"

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Watercolor, Orange Banks
TITLE: Orange Bank, Original watercolor by Woody Hansnen, 15" x 24

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"I'll be doing a demonstration at the Folsom Arts Association, 48 Natoma, in Folsom, CA., on Tuesday, August 21, at 6 PM to 7PM.

The demo will not feature the above painting, Orange Banks. I'll create a different painting, but the approach will be similar.

If you are in the area. please drop in and say, "hello."

Lori Anderson. President



The International Open Exhibition is held in the Fall and is open to all current members as well as non-members. This Exhibition is juried by three highly qualified jurors plus one specially chosen Awards Juror. The juried show includes both cash and merchandise awards, $40,000+. Artists whose paintings are selected for the show are invited to submit additional samples of their work for evaluation and acceptance into NWS as a Signature member.

International Juried Exhibition
City of Brea Art Gallery
 October 13 to December 16, 2018
The juror will be internationally known artist
Katherine Chang Liu
For further Details CLICK HERE



Contrary to popular and even professional opinions, I believe one must not necessarily be a great draftsman to become a competent painter. I suggest drawing and painting can be thought of as two similar but, different skills. There is an important reason for this. The ability to draw a straight line has more to do with fine Craft than Fine Art.

Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by what they feel is an inability to draw that straight, but expressionless line. Sadly, they erroneously conclude they lack any art talent and, frustrated they give up too soon. Blinded by the quest for the photographic ideal, they fail to see or appreciate the beauty of their own personal mark, their special gift that makes them unique.

I think it fair to note that the road to becoming an artist takes a long time, combined with a healthy ego, an open mind, hard work, thick skin, dealing with being ignored, and perseverance. The journey may take many paths including, but not limited to academic training as well as the many forms of self guided education, by way of books, DVD’s, workshops, private classes, etc.

I share artist Frank Webb’s opinion that art is better appreciated than judged. Furthermore, it s helpful to remember that the seduction of marketing, promotion, commercial acceptance, awards, peer evaluation, and sales are not the only indicators of one’s worth as an artist. We might find comfort in the words of Mary Corita Kent who noted, “There is no mistake. No right, no wrong, only make.”


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