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Yesterday, I saw a Twitter post that reads “Germany announces 8% increase in arts funding within overall budget cut of 3.1% “an indispensable investment in the future of our society.” I was unable to locate further updated, or supportive source information.

However, during my web search I came across a related article,  Submitted by The City Wire Staff on Friday, 08/05/2011, by John Jeter, music director and conductor of the Fort Smith Symphony Whether one is pro or con support of the arts, Jeter’s article provides food for thought:

Arts Issues: Funding the Arts

Like all things excellent, the Arts, artists and artistic endeavors need support to survive and thrive. On an international level, the Arts are supported in a number of different ways with the approaches to funding being influenced greatly by social-political and artistic history. A look at how a few different countries support the Arts can be a real eye-opener. Read more …

At the time of this post, this link leads to the rest of Jeter;s article:


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