Be a Winner!

Image of bird in flight

To celebrate the 1st ANNIVERSARY, of The Market Place I am giving away this framed, limited edition work of art ($400 value) during the month of October. The winner might as well be YOU! Enter today.

Just visit my exhibit booth (#N12A) at the Market Place and fill out the official entry form. Then drop the form in the entry box. Enter any time during October. The lucky winner’s name will be publicly drawn at my watercolor exhibit (#N12A) on Sunday, October 30, at 2PM.

1. Completely fill out and submit official, yellow entry form.
2. All information submitted must be current and valid.
3. Only one entry per home address please.

All visitors, patrons, or vendors of The Market Place are eligible for the drawing. Winner need not be present to win. If not present at the drawing, winner will be notified by e-mail. Winner must claim this special, limited edition work of art at The Market Place between October 30, 2011, and closing time November 30, 2011.

Updating Exhibit Space

Image of river scene

Saturday (08/06/11 ), I’ll be adding Shasta Expo to my other 28 original watercolor paintings exhibited at The Market Place in Rancho Cordova, CA. I invite you to view Shasta Expo in person. Directions to The Market Place can be found here: http://www.allthingswatercolor​.com/0.MarketPlaceDemoCalendar​.html


See my next watercolor demonstration. For more info click here
Debbie's Planter, an original watercolor by Woody Hansen
DETAIL – Debbie’s Planter. Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
(Click image to view entire painting)

Debbie’s Planter, is a recent watercolor class demonstration. The subject matter is a plant contained in a wonderful, old metal planter my wife and I purchased some time ago. I find the juxtaposition of organic and inorganic shapes pleasing.

I begin by dividing my main rectangle into what I feel are interesting shapes of various sizes. From there I use three values (white, gray, and black), to create a value plan, a pattern on which to base my painting. Next, I paint wet on dry directly on the paper without a preliminary pencil sketch. The painting is completed in about three or four layers, each layer drying before applying the next. The black line calligraphy is added last.

NOTE: Debbie Smith’s work, Garden Art can be seen on her web site. Debbie’s work outstanding, and her prices are extremely affordable. Very much so. Debbie’s web site is at Email: Telephone: 916 988-0341.

Availability and pricing information for this painting can be found by following THIS LINK.

After The Rain

See my next watercolor demonstration. For more info click here
After The Rain, an original watercolor by Woody Hansen
After The Rain. Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
(Click image for availability and price info)

Another great day at the American River, this time shortly after high water has begun to recede from the parkway. It’s no news that much of the United States is undergoing extremely wet weather this year. So it is with Sacramento, although to a less extent than most of the nation!

No preliminary sketch or value plan here. While on site, I used a Sharpie black ink pen to draw directly on my paper. Next comes several layers of watercolor application. Each layer is allowed to dry before adding the next layer. In some instances a bit more line work here and there. A direct approach to painting.

Availability and pricing information for this painting can be found by following THIS LINK.

NOTE: For several days following the date of this post, an animated version of this work can be seen HERE.


Link to Deal of the Week

I’m featuring one specially selected original work of art as my Market Place Deal of the Week. This exciting opportunity will be valid each week, Monday thru Sunday,until the end of February.

You can expect to find a unique piece of art at a savings of up to 75%. This outstanding offer is valid only at the Market Place and no where else.

Each week a new, different, one-of-a-kind work of art, size, price, and impressive savings, is offered as my Deal of The Week. After seven days it’s gone, replaced by a new offer.

I invite you to view each weekly deal in person, at The Market Place. Arrive early. Be the first to take advantage of this outstanding, limited time offer! You have to see it to believe it!


SPECIAL NOTE: See my next watercolor demo, Saturday, Feb. 26, at 12 noon. Learn more here

Milford Zornes Opening Reception

Photo of Entruance to Zornes Exhibit

On December 12, 2010, my wife and I took a flight out of Sacramento to attend the opening reception for The Art of Milford Zornes: Friendships and inspiration, at the CCAA Art Museum, in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We left Sacramento in early morning fog to arrive at our destination a few hours later in what is best described as sunny, shirt sleeve weather. A great day for an art exhibit. We had an enjoyable time at the reception, meeting new and old friends as well as talking with some readers of this blog.

As explained in an earlier post (scroll down or click here), one of my works, On The Bright Side has a small role in the Friends and Inspiration part of the exhibit. On The Bright Side, is also included in the new book, The Art of Milford Zornes: Friendshiips and Inspiration, by author and photographer, Gene Sasse. The exhibit is open to the public until Fegbruary 20, 2011.

What follows are a series of photos taken at the reception:
Photo of patrons and visitors to the exhibit
Photo of patrons and visitors to the exhibit
(Above two images) It was a joy to witness the intense interest of patrons and visitors. Imagine, people actively engaged and looking at the work on exhibit!

Photo of welcome and introductions
(Above) Welcome and introductions by author Gene Sasse

Photo of Henry Fukuhara watercolor
(Above) Watercolor by Henry Fukuhara. In my haste I failed to note the title. Sorry.

Photo of Entruance to Zornes Exhibit
(Above) Guests and patrons treated to numerous works of Milford Zornes beautifully exhibited, in a light, well designed museum space.

Photo of Entrance to Zornes Exhibit
(Above) I caught Tom Fong, posing for some of his fans along side his watercolor, Pacific Coast Seascape (to Tom’s right). Unfortunately, I did not have time to get photos of the many other artists in attendance, such as Bill Anderson, Al Setton, Chris Van Winkle, to name just a few.

Photo of Entruance to Zornes Exhibit
(Above) My painting, On The Bright Side

Photo of Entruance to Zornes Exhibit
(Above) My wife took a photo of an old dude who must have wandered in off the street.

I encourage every one who can, to attend this outstanding Milford Zornes CCAA Exhibition. The exhibit runs from Dec. 12, 2010 through Jan. 12, 2011.

Watercolor Demo, Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010

Join me for my next Market Place demo: Sunday, January 9, 2011, at 2 PM.
Image of Watercolor demonstration by Woody Hansen
(Above) Image of last month’s watercolor demonstration in progress.

It’s a busy time of year, but I’d like to remind you of my watercolor demo this Sunday, Dec. 19th at 12 noon at The Market Place, Rancho Cordova. If you are near the area, and your schedule permits, please accept this reminder to join me for a wiz bang demo. Easy parking adjacent to Folsom Blvd. Come in out of the rain! Warm, dry demo area. Overhead mirror for the demo. Arrive early to get a good seat. Light refreshments provided by The Market Place. Santa is expected to drop by for a few watercolor tips.

Before, or after the demo, I encourage you to browse the Market Place to discover some unique, last minute gifts for the season. You’ll be surprised at what is available. The Market Place is located just off of Highway 50 between the Sunrise and Hazel exits at the intersection of Folsom Blvd. and Mercantile Drive. Learn more here.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sawa Sawa De

Detail of Sawa Sawa De, an original watercolor by Woody Hansen
Sawa Sawa De. DETAIL. Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
(Click image to view entire painting)

Sawa Sawa De is a recent painting begun and finished outdoors. As the reader of this blog knows, I like to paint, year round outdoors. My stomping ground is usually along the banks of Sacramento’s American River.

What a pleasure it was to create this painting! The images just seemed to flow onto the paper without restraint. The secondary color scheme developed along the way and was not preplanned. However, from the outset, the direction of the painting was nonobjective.

I once read where an acknowledged master of watercolor suggested one begin a painting based on a preliminary title so as to establish the direction of the work. that seems a reasonable and valid approach. On the other hand, there is also much to be said in favor of doing the painting first and finding a title later. Thus is the case with this watercolor.

The title, Sawa Sawa De, comes from a favorite song. The tune is from an, old, Long Playing record released in 1961, called Common Ground, by The Herbie Mann Aftro-Jazz Sextet + Four Trumpets. A musical clip of the song can be heard on iTunes and on at Enjoy!

NOTE: Sawa Sawa De, is part of an auxiliary exhibition atThe Art of Milford Zornes: Friendships and Inspiration exhibition at the CCAA Museum of Art , December 12, 2010 – February 20, 2011. This show features 17 paintings by friends and affiliated artists, together with 46 paintings by Milford Zornes, some of which have never been on public exhibition. For more information follow this link to the CCAA Museum of Art. I’ll post, in the near future, additional comments and information on this blog about the Milford Zornes Exhibition. Stay tuned!

For pricing, and availability, click here

River Fun

Detail of River Fun, an original watercolor by Woody Hansen
River Fun. DETAIL. Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
(Click image to view entire painting)

River Fun was painted on location along the south side of the American River, at the Watt Avenue entrance, Sacramento, California. This is one of those rare watercolors that seem to almost paint itself. Originally, I had planned to finish the work back at the studio. However, when I accessed it the following day I decided to, as the saying goes “leave well enough alone.”

River Fun is one of two works selected for use in the first Market Place television commercial. The 30-second promotional spot is currently airing in the Sacramento region and, as I understand, it will be airing for about three months. I intend to post the commercial on this blog in the near future. Stay “tuned” for further developments.

In the mean time, you can view a few still images I took during the shooting of the commercial by scrolling down, or by following this link.

For pricing, and availability, click here

Market Place Commercial Shoot

Attend my watercolor demonstration, Sat. Nov. 20, at 1 PM. Learn more
Market Place commercial shoot, 1 of 3 images

Recently, several of us who are exhibiting at The Market Place were invited to help create a commercial for use on local television to promote The Market Place. The initial shooting process was completed in one day. My role was shot in two parts, the first part in the morning at my exhibit while the second part occurred the same afternoon inside a Rancho Cordova home. What you see here are three interior images, two of which show my paintings being hung over the fireplace. We are currently waiting to see the edited, final version which is expected in the very near future.

Market Place commercial shoot, 2 of 3 images

I believe it fair to note The Market Place is both part Home Expo and part Art Gallery. Therefore, my role illustrates how easily someone, visiting The Market Place can select a painting with which to add to their art collection, or improve their home decor. My shooting day began at 9:30 on a Thursday and ended that same afternoon at about 3:30. The entire process was pleasurable. I found the “film” crew thoughtful, considerate, expedient, and extremely professional.

Market Place commercial shoot, 3 of 3 images

Now all that remains is to see if my few seconds of “fame: are deemed worthy, or they end up on the ‘cutting room’ floor. Stay tuned for details coming up at 10 o’clock!`

In the meantime, the two paintings seen above, River Fun, and Bogus Box III, can be viewed in person at The Market Place, or on the web.

LInk to painting seen hung above fireplace … River Fun.
Link to painting on floor, setting against wall … Bogus Box II