CHECKERBOARD – Watercolor Landscape

Checkerboard, an original watercolor by Woody HasnsenCheckerboard  – Original watercolor by Woody Hansen, 15″ x 22″
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This watercolor landscape painting began about two years and one month ago. For what ever reason (probably dissatisfaction), it was not touched again until 9/22/2014, when I decided to use it for a class demonstration. The goal of this post is to illustrate the importance of patience.


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Work continued on 9/24/2014, before Checkerboard is finished and signed on 10/1/2014.

The basis of the watercolor, Checkerboard, comes entirely from the imagination, an improvised compilation of previously observed shapes, scenery, flora, etc. No reference material is used, no photographs, sketches, or value plan. No pencil “cartoon” or sketch on the paper prior to beginning. The composition, as I see it, is that of a checkerboard pattern. Thus, the title.


Originally, the watercolor painting began wet into wet, on 140 pound, cold press paper. Once bone dry, the process was continued wet on dry. Most work was accomplished with flat brushes, although a round brush was used toward the end of the work.   I had some thoughts of adding black line during the final stages, but I ended up thinking the line was not needed. It’s really a judgment call on my part. Then too, there is that famous time honored watercolor saying,”Less is more.”

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