COMPLIMENTS, an original watercolor painting by Woody Hansen
Title: Compliments – Original watercolor by Woody Hansen, 15″ x 22″
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Compliments, begins as a non-objective work. The plan is to attempt to create a painting with a different type of Christmas theme, including a modified complimentary color scheme of red and green, in keeping with the season. .

Relative to color selection, the goal of Compliments  is to avoid the usual red and green hues associated  with this particular holiday, in favor of less saturated, cooler choices, while maintaining the basic red and green color scheme.

The composition is developed with brush marks (shapes) of various sizes distributed within the rectangle. Over time the  non-objective direction begins to change as the painting evolves and begins to suggest what might be viewed as bamboo canes.

The painting develops into  that of an “O” composition.  A light area in the center of Compliments, gives the work a seldom used, and rarely recommended, formal balance.

In this case the formal balance creates a light area that is a definite center of interest. Black line work is added to selected shapes during the last phase of development. In its final form, the painting takes on a bamboo, wreath like appearance. Goal achieved. The piece is finished.

With the addition of “Merry Christmas” text, Compliments does double duty as this year’s Christmas card.

Watercolor Christmas Card

“Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And a ho, ho, ho, to you!”


Compliments, gets its title from the use of the two complimentary colors red and green.



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