Connor Report – 1 Year Anniversary

Photo of Connor by Woody HansenIMAGE 1: Connor’s Profile

Strike up the band! Bring on the “special celebration treats,” which in this case is extra dog cookies and the favorite … a hamburger! Our dog Connor joined the Hansen family one year ago today, Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 4:32 pm.    It’s been an exuberant, rambunctious, but happy year. Connor is now eighteen months old, weighs 85 pounds and is a bundle of energy and joy.

Thankfully, Connor loves almost all people and all dogs. He is a very affectionate lover boy. Everyone and everything is his friend.  Connor is very sharing, too.   Hardly a day goes by but what we don’t discover at least one bone in nearly every room. We have come to refer to our home as … Connor’s Boneyard!

Still, true to his German Shepard-Rottweiler heritage, on more than one occasion he has already proven his worth as a very serious protector of home and family. Walk softly, but carry a big bark.

Photo of Connor by Woody HansenIMAGE 2: Connor’s “Charmer” pose

Connor is eager to participate in my watercolor paint outs, Free Fridays, classes. workshops. etc. He particularly likes to go to the American River Parkway where  during painting breaks he enjoys retrieving sticks thrown into the river. More correctly he loves to bravely plunge into any body of water, pool, pond, lake, or river. Cold water means nothing to him, not even the water coming directly off the glaciers of Mt. Shasta. No problem. An eager traveler, he pretty much goes where ever we go and he is quite comfortable in a car over short or long distances. In brief, he travels well.

Photo of Connor by Woody HansenIMAGE 3: Surveying his domain

As readers of this blog know (see previous post Meet Connor), Connor is a rescue dog from Tracy California, where thanks to Bert and Mary Debusschere, he was given what amounts to a second lease on life. As a pup, Bert and Mary not only saved him from euthanization, but were also responsible for nursing him back to excellent health.

When Connor came into our family he was already named. Although we could have renamed him we elected not to. As the months roll by, my wife and I jokingly agree he is aptly named, especially the “con” part for he truly is a “con” artist. He simply has a way of charming everyone he meets, the marks of a good “con” artist. He seems to melt away the hearts of people where ever we go. He is becoming a part of each watercolor class, eagerly greeting each student and showering them with love and affection. As noted, a real charmer.
Photo of Connor by Woody Hansen IMAGE 4: I’m stunned!  What do you mean “cute ears?”

When meeting Connor for the first time, people remark about his size, also his coloring, “beautiful eyes,” and especially his amazingly white teeth. Connor absolutely has the whitest teeth one can imagine. His teeth are milk white, or to use a watercolor term … pure “Chinese White.” He would be a natural actor for a commercial promoting dog toothpaste! Hmm, maybe I need to post a photo of his teeth?

Thanks to the Internet, my wife and I feel extremely fortunate we discovered Friends of Canines Animal Rescue, and especially Bert and Mary Debusschere. To anyone looking for an excellence resource for rescue dog (particularly German Shepard-Rottweiler mix), we eagerly offer our highest personal recommendation of Bert and Mary.

Bert and Mary Debusschere may be contacted at:

Friends of Canines Animal
Phone: (209)832-2783
Fax: (480)247-4575

2 thoughts on “Connor Report – 1 Year Anniversary

  1. Happy B-Day Connor. Yep, he certainly “looks” like a Hansen dog, Has that icy stare which tells me he’s looking for great shapes and values within the design.

    Either that or he has spotted a cat.

  2. Well, it’s not really his birthday, but more so the day (at six months of age) he joined our family. I particularly like your observation about him seeing “shapes and values within the design.” Nice! Maybe he’s on his way to becoming a true, “watercolor” dog?

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