FALL FROLIC – Nonobjective Watercolor

Fall Frolic, watercolor painting by Woody HansenFall Frolic – Original watercolor by Woody Hansen, 15″ x 22″

Nonobjective Paintings

Some nonobjective paintings take more time than others to complete. There are  paintings that require more thought, more  than a casual observer might imagine. For example, Fall Frolic began on June 6, 2013. Further work was done on June 12, and June 19, 2013. the painting lay dormant for nearly a year and a half, until January 16, 2015, when it receives its final touches.

The painting begins outdoors during a Free Friday session along the American River, near the Watt Avenue entrance, Sacramento. In this case the usual preliminary plan does not exist. The untitled painting is, initially free form with regard to composition.  Like many nonobjective paintings, subsequent work is accomplished indoors, in a studio setting.

The composition/design slowly evolves during the painting process. Thought is given to contrast, informal balance, repetition, alternation, size, harmony, unity, gradation, and movement. The use of overlapping and interlocking shapes, occur prior to, and during the application of calligraphy. Not a bad idea for objective or nonobjective paintings.


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