Foggy Free Friday


This Pearl Harbor Day morning, finds Sacramento with a quiet, and foggy Free Friday. we arrive at the American River to find one of those great winter mornings, no wind, not too cold, and near perfect for wet-into-wet watercolor. Fog’s limited visibility seems to intensify the discovery of simple, splendid shapes and limited color as well. Sacramento and Mendocino all rolled into one outstanding morning of painting. What’s Free Friday? Learn more …

My painting buddy Connor ( top photo) enjoys the early hours sniffing and snooping here and there. He has a great time retrieving sticks thrown into the river. Additionally, he also retrieves two, smelly, bloated, 30-inch fish that have seen better days. Proudly, he drops each fish at my feet; lucky me! Upon returning home, stinky Connor is immediately shampooed!

This could be your next painting experience . Anytime you’re in the area, you are welcome to join me for Free Friday (every Friday throughout the year).

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