Red, River Tree

Red, River Tree, an original watercolor by Woody Hansen
DETAIL – Red, River Tree. Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
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This painting is a result of a recent Free Friday outing at the American River Parkway, Sacramento, CA. The watercolor was begun outdoors, on location during a cool, crisp morning. The painting was finished days later in the studio.

In looking at the full painting one might assume the viewpoint is the  lower trunk of a tree, against the horizon on a foggy day; not so. In reality the viewpoint for the piece is a cloudless sky behind a small, selected pattern of branches and twigs at the distant reaches of the tree’s upper canopy. In short, the viewpoint is not forward, but upward. With the help of exaggeration interesting shapes can e found everywhere.

As I see it, the design basis consists of a large light value over which is placed a mid value with dark accents.

To learn more and see the full painting, please follow THIS LINK.



3 thoughts on “Red, River Tree

  1. Hi Woody, I have a likely new class member; may I invite her to our last class next week to observe. Observe only, not take time from our class with questions, etc.
    What do you think? I found the the mid-ground, back-ground, fore-ground material a great focus for me. Thanks, Gail

  2. This is such a struggle, this watercolor thing. Charging on. Splash, re-do, un-do, it is better upside down? Does it ever end…. nope, this is too fun………. see you in class.

  3. Ah, yes the struggle? One has a choice, hate the struggle or love the struggle. It is the struggle itself that makes the process fun! A painting without struggle is a boring painting. Good news;your comment, “Charging on. Splash, re-do, un-do, it is better upside down?” tells me you are up to the task! Lesser people give up. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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