MANZANAR WORKSHOP, 16th Annual Henry Fukuhara workshop

Manzanar Workshop Watercolor painting of Manzanar Guard HouseWatercolor Title: MANZANAR GUARD HOUSE – Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
To see a framed version of this painting or to learn more, please click image)

The annual Henry Fukuhara Manzanar Workshop is going on this month in Lone Pine, CA. The above watercolor painting, “Manzanar Guard House,” is my attempt to recognize this important event held in Henry Fukuhara’s memory. This year’s four day workshop begins Friday, May 17, and runs through, Monday, May 20, 2013. The workshop features four demonstrations, and three critiques. I’m pleased to note I’ve been asked to do the Sunday demo at Manaznar, as well as sharing that afternoon’s critique with Al Setton.

This is my second Manzanar Workshop demo and my third critique. I’m looking forward to another enjoyable gathering of artists of all levels. This is definitely an event not to be missed. I’m told, as of this writing there are over 100 artists expected to attend this year, an increase over the 80 artists who attended last year’s workshop. Registration is still open. I hope to see you there.

The current Manzanar Workshop line up is as follows:

Friday, May 17  (Manzanar Workshop)

9:00 AM  Dan Dickman demo at the Eastern Sierra Visitor Center.

3:00 PM Al Setton critique at the Lone Pine Film Museum.


Saturday, May 18 (Manzanar Workshop)

9:00 AM Chris Van Winkle demo at Alabama Hills.

3:00 PM  Bill Anderson critique at the Lone Pine Film Museum.

Sunday, May 19 (Manzanar Workshop)

9:00 AM  Woody Hansen demo at Manzanar.

3:00 PM Woody Hansen and Al Setton critiquet at the Lone Film Museum.

Monday, May 20 (Manzanar Workshop)

9:00 AM Willie McFarland demo in Keeler. No critique the last day. Workshop ends around noon.


Workshop Contact Information

Michele Pearson, 310-663-9582

Al Setton,  310-428-0051.

Questions? Leave a comment here, or on my Contact Page.  For Manzanar Guard House purchase information, go HERE.

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