(Things to think about over a cup of coffee?)

🍩 I’m a painter, not a printer.

🍩 Peace, love, and watercolor.

🍩 Ageism is for the ignorant of any age.

🍩 Technology us wonderful, except when it doesn’t work.

🍩  Painting and drawing are two different animals.

🍩  Arguably, the ability to draw a straight line is more craft than art.

🍩 Abstraction is to painting as Jazz is to music.

🍩 Learn to “listen” to a painting, for it knows the way.

🍩 Young boys play war, young men go to war, old men declare war.

🍩 he three stages in the life of an artist are transcription, translation, & transgression. The latter best fuels unique, creative innovation.

🍩 things we have to consider in watercolor are value, value, and value

🍩 One could slow the drying process of a watercolor if it had to work its way through our current Congress.

🍩 Art auctions give birth to starving artists.

🍩 We make good art by making a lot of bad art.

🍩 Relative to art, the answer to most questions is Yes,No, and Maybe.

🍩 The ability to handle rejection is probably more important to watercolor success than talent. 

🍩 Watercolor painters never quit

🍩 Watercolor painters never quit

🍩 We can expose someone to the glories of watercolor, but we can’t make him paint.

🍩 Artistic aspiration is an honorable occupation.

🍩Paint other than the obvious