Parkway trail, 15 x 22, watercolor by Woody Hansen


 FREE FRIDAY is offered every Friday from 9″30 AM to 11″30 AM, weather permitting. Here is a free  opportunity to learn more about the joy  and fun of watercolor painting.

Content is flexible. I might do a sketch, or  demonstrate one of the many ways to approach a watercolor painting, including materials, etc. . Questions and sharing of information are encouraged. 

Anyone 18 and older, with a positive and sharing outlook  is welcome.

All levels, beginners, intermediates and beyond, including those with absolutely no experience or those who might be  just curious. 

No registration. No equipment required. Just come as you are. however if you come to paint, bring your gear and we’ll paint and/or together.

Dress appropriately for the weather, including chair, hat, and sunglasses. 

Regardless of your experience – or lack of experience – the goal here  is to answer questions, offer advice, share experiences, and do what we can to encourage and support  your  interest in sketching and watercolor painting.

Please, argumentative, or negative  attitudes would be better taken elsewhere. Thank you.

Hope to see you soon.

For further questions, and/or to learn the location of the next Free Friday, please click the button below.