In 1970, with their daughter approaching her sixth birthday, Hansen and his wife decide this would be the best time to leave broadcasting and concentrate on a full-time art career. However, it isn’t long before Hansen realizes if he is to maintain his artistic freedom, it will be necessary to supplement his income.

Fortunately, during a period of voluntary association with the American Red Cross and the National Ski Patrol System, an opportunity to teach First Aid and CPR results in a successful, part-time business venture. Eventually, his teaching experience leads to contract work teaching First Aid and CPR for the State of California, and the Sacramento Parks and Recreation Aquatics Department. This opportunity will, in time provide the second chance at a much-anticipated full-time art career.

In 2008, NMO, a form of Multiple Sclerosis that attacks the optic nerve, leaves Hansen legally blind. Nevertheless, he continues to bring his unique painting style and knowledge to various public and private venues.

Hansen’s early interest in watercolor revolved around the works of famous painters and illustrators; most notably, the innovative painters of the California School of Watercolor, such as George Post, Dong Kingman, and Kenneth Potter, to name a few..

Hansen is a shape painter, who creates bold, interesting, calligraphic marks on paper, resulting in direct, expressive, abstract or non-objective works of art. His unique approach is described as bold, yet deceptively simple.

Hansen earns  respect as a gifted watercolor teacher. He shares his expertise and experience  by way of the Internet, social media, lectures, demonstrations, classes, workshops, and juror of art exhibitions. He enjoys helping others to understand and avoid the watercolor contradictions and half-truths he has encountered during his long career as an artist.

He is a former member of the Santa Rosa Art Guild, the Marin Society of Artists, the West Coast Watercolor Society, as well as other local, and regional art groups.

Woody Hansen has a home and studio/gallery in Sacramento, California, where he lives with his wife Marlene and their German Shepherd/Rottweiler rescue dog, Connor.









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