I wish to compliment you on your web site. You reach out in a comprehensive manner to students. Your work brings to my mind the words of Ayn Rand, “An artist does not fake reality—he stylizes it.”- FW

  I’m looking forward to class beginning on Wednesday. I hope you and Marlene are rested and ready for the next round! Thank you for all the pre-planning, current planning, planning revisions, future planning, and just plain “winging it” this whole adventure in Watercolor must take. None of us can know all the behind the scenes work it takes; but I do know there is enormous gratitude for all the effort you and Marlene invest. See you (again) on Wednesday. – MS

  We had so many wonderful comments about your workshop from participants. Most felt it was the best workshop they had ever taken! Including me.  – VG

It was an inspiration for me to be there (Free Friday) and witness the creation of a work of art. You have been generous with your time, talent and an inspiration beyond measure. Thank you.- TC

Because of you I continue to learn  and improve how to splash colors in water. I thank you every day! – GH

Woody is a great instructor. Learned so much. Learned I can work on my own and not paint like everyone else. – AM

I  very much enjoyed yesterday’s demonstration. I thought that it was well-paced, combined the craft of teaching with the art of painting. You were very relaxed and the audience was obviously listening and watching intently. Thanks for inviting us. – AV

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your generous efforts to guide and encourage your students.  The results are life changing.
Sharing the Milford Zornes comments was a huge contribution to my experience. – JT

The Wonder of Woody setting the creative captives free! Inspiring, encouraging and a rebel with a cause! We loved it and wish we could adopt him! We missed him and Marlene as soon as they walked into the airport doors and were out of sight! Thank you for giving validity to our personal marks on paper, for giving us permission to embrace who WE are! “Artists can move Mountains” Thank you Woody and Marlene for making YOUR mark on our creative walk and our hearts!- VS, Saginaw Area Watermedia Artists

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my painting…you are a good guide for me. – GH

Thank you Woody, for a wonderful class last night. Zack really enjoyed listening to you. He was truly inspired by what you said – jabbered all the way home! – CS

You made me feel like I could paint.

Excellent class. I felt I really learned some new skills; also how not to get discouraged. GN

Your workshop was the best … I ever attended. – JC

Woody is very down to earth and has a nice way about him – always very approachable. – JM

You and Marlene were gracious hosts and you are a patient teacher.- SO

I will never miss your demonstrations since I continually learn each time you paint and discuss/present your thoughts. You are an excellent teacher. – SB

I have greatly enjoyed Hansen’s watercolour classes. It has polished my understanding of art, especially watercolour, as well as helped me get some faith my my painting abilities. I have never met a watercolour artist/teacher before and it has been a good journey with Hansen. He provides all the pieces of the information and guiding principles, but leaves it up to the artist to finally decide on what he/she wants to paint. Our painting styles are very different but I have found value in his classes, since the knowledge applies to all kinds of painting styles/topics/themes/subjects. He allows time for discussions and, the best part is the critique of students’ art pieces. I wish there were more demos in class, as one can see technique first-hand. Nevertheless, these classes have dusted the cobwebs from my mind and I have been able to take to watercolour like a fish to water. I hope to take his classes again in the future. Highly recommend that one goes for learning techniques…and the importance of composition and value. – MR

i am deeply grateful for your absolute support and confidence!!!! thank you, Thank you. Your style of teaching is amazingly effective and personal and i am eternally in your debt. – BM

I would like to thank you for giving excellent instruction for painting watercolors.”I really enjoyed the 10 sessions and feel I got a grasp of how to start a painting. Of course I want to continue to learn more so I can paint better. – BH

I thought your demo and final were results were great Sunday.  I had eyed the painting I purchased a couple of other times and decided to “gift” myself.  I know we will enjoy it. JA

I have not been painting much and I need you to get me motivated again,  I paint a lot when I study with you. – BV

I hope to be able to join your classes later this year.  I do miss the inspiration and fun of your classes.”- PM

I do mean to join free Friday soon because I think I need to paint from the original subject.  Watching you demo makes me want to try to loosen up. – AH

I have read the evaluations and they were superb – a joy to read … high praise and just what I hope to hear from students. – PT, Director, Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA.